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How do I join?

As a “Their Perfect Gift” customer, you are automatically a member of our Rewards Club.

Once you purchase a gift card you have your own “Their Perfect Gift” Account.

This exclusive club entitles you Grocery, Retail and Travel Rewards. Just log into your account to subscribe to Earn as you Spend and navigate your exclusive Retail and Travel discounts.

What are the Rewards?

As one of our valued customers we want to give you a 3% loyalty reward for your grocery shopping. We don’t expect you to change your grocery retailer or your shopping list and you benefit from the extra cash in time for Christmas!

You still get all the benefits of your Grocers rewards and to top it off, we will donate 1% of your annual grocery spend to charitable causes. All you need to do is, log into your Their Perfect Gift account and sign up to a monthly grocery spend value.

You also get the benefit of our Retail and Travel discounts just click on the links and avail of the offers.

What You Get

Earn Cashback

Receive a 3% cash payment on your annual grocery spend. You will receive your loyalty payment on a Their Perfect Gift card every November. You can choose to spend this at any Mastercard accepting retailer online or in-store.

Travel Discounts

Visit our Travel Rewards to get access to exclusive curated holidays at discounted rates.

Retail Discounts

Our Retail Discounts offer exclusive savings in clothing, cooking, home and gardening and much more. We offer discounts with top brands such as Bose, Sony and Le Creuset to name a few.

The Reward Club

Just when you thought using a Their Perfect Gift card couldn’t get any better.

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