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Earn cashback

More than your average bank interest rate

Benefits good causes

Every time you earn cashback, so do our charities & good causes

Zero cost to you

No fees, charges or other nasty surprises

All major grocers

We’ve partnered with all the major grocers in the UK

What it’s all about

Earn As You Spend rewards you just for doing your regular food shop. You simply transfer what you’d normally spend across the month with your favourite grocer and we send you a loyalty card for that amount. You shop as normal using this card and every year we’ll send you up to £360.

And it’s not just you that benefits… As well as paying you cashback every year, we also send some love to our nominated charities and good causes. For every £15 you earn, we donate £5.

How It Works

1. Determine & Add Funds

Decide what you plan to spend each month on your grocery shop and instruct that balance transfer to us. This monthly payment is set up automatically using a standing order.

2. Choose Your Retailer

Your funds will be held with your chosen retailer. You can only spend this fund with that specific retailer.

3. Use Your Funds

When doing your grocery shop each month, use the credit you have with your designated retailer, thanks to your fund.

4. Receive Your Loyalty Payment

Every November receive your “Loyalty Payment” on your TPG MasterCard. You can choose to spend with ANY retailer online or in-store.

5. Earn More Than Your Average Bank Account

Compared to your bank you could earn up to £480 in rewards to you and good causes on a monthly £1,000 payment.

What You Earn

Monthly contribution:

Your Reward

Your annual cashback reward would be £15

To Good Causes

The annual amount generated for good causes would be £5

Why Bother?

Get more money back than you earn in interest from your bank

Completely free – you only contribute what you would normally spend

You still get the loyalty points that you would usually get (eg. Nectar & ClubCard)

You get to support charities at no extra cost to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?
Earn As You Spend is exclusively for Their Perfect Gift customers and you must live in the UK to participate.
What can I buy with my grocer card?

The grocer card is for use in your specified store to purchase your weekly grocers. 

All grocer gift cards are subject to exclusions, these are typically tobacco and tobacco products, postage stamps, scratch cards, lottery tickets, prescription products, mobile top-up, gift cards, e-gift cards, pay cards, car park charges, petrol stations, financial products and third party concessions or products. Please refer to your grocer for a detailed list of product exclusions.

Can I use my grocer card online and instore?

Waitrose, M&S and Asda grocer cards can be used online and instore. Sainsburys and Tesco grocer cards are for instore use only

Can I check my balance on my grocer card?
What are the benefits of EAYS?

As one of our valued customers you will be entitled to all of the following benefits:

  • Loyalty Reward of cash: Receive a 3% cash payment on your annual grocery spend. You will receive your loyalty payment on a Their Perfect Gift card every November. You can choose to spend this at any Mastercard accepting retailer online or in-store.  
  • Charitable Donation: 1% of your annual grocery spend is donated to charitable causes.     
  • Completely free – you only contribute what you would normally spend.
  • Monitor your loyalty payment increasing monthly on Their Perfect Gift app.
  • You still get loyalty points from your grocery shop.  Whether its Nectar or Clubcard points we don’t want you to lose out.
How do I set up the EAYS Rewards?

As an existing customer, it’s easy to set up!  We need to know how much you spend on your groceries and your preferred grocery shop. 

To set up your EAYS Rewards, log in to your Their Perfect Gift account. You will need your account details to set up a monthly direct debit for your grocery spend amount, to your selected grocery shop. The direct debit must be set up for the 5th of the month.

We will send you your Grocers gift card, that is loaded monthly with the value of your grocery spend to use every time you shop. Remember, you can only shop to the value of your grocer’s loyalty card and only at your selected grocery shop. If you go over the amount loaded on your card, you will need to use an alternative payment method and will not qualify for your EAYS rewards.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can contribute monthly to EAYS?

The minimum monthly contribution is £50 per calendar month however you must contribute for a minimum of 3 months to gain your loyalty rewards.

The maximum monthly contribution is £1,000 per calendar month and you must contribute for a minimum of 3 months to gain your loyalty rewards.

Once I set up the account can I start gaining rewards immediately?

Once you set up your account, you must wait till you receive your grocer’s loyalty card to join EAYS Rewards. The card will be available to use 10 working day after setting up your monthly transfer. You can then start spending and watch your EAYS rewards building up.

Do I use My Perfect Gift Card to do my weekly grocery shopping?

No, we will send you a loyalty card from your selected grocery shop.  This card will be loaded with your monthly balance transfer each month. The card belongs to the grocery retailer and is operated under their own scheme rules.

Where does my money go when I pay the direct debit?

Your monthly contribution is held by your selected retailer in a secure account. They are now the custodian of your money.

Can I set up EAYS with multiple grocery shops?

Yes of course, you can set up EAYS with multiple grocery shops and receive all the benefits. When you set up your monthly direct debit, select your preferred grocery shops and your estimated spend amount. We will then post your grocers loyalty cards and you use them each time you shop.

Can I change my choice of grocery shops during the year?

You can change your selection of grocers at any time however you must complete a minimum of 3 months to benefit from the loyalty rewards. You can amend your grocery shop selection in your Reward Club account. 

Can I change the monthly direct debit amount I am paying to EAYS?

Yes, to change the monthly contribution, you just need to amend the direct debit amount in your Reward Club account.

What happens if I do not spend my monthly grocery allowance?

Don’t worry, your monthly allowance will stay in your secure account to spend at a later date. If you cancel your EAYS rewards and still have additional funds in your account these will be loaded onto your grocer’s own gift card to use at their store.

Can I still benefit from my own grocery shops rewards and incentives?

Yes, you can still benefit from all of the rewards offered by your grocery shop. Please follow their rewards scheme requirements. Whether this is tapping their card or swiping their app to collect points. We don’t want you to lose out!

My business spends over £1000 a month on groceries, can I set this up?

Existing business customers with a monthly spend value of over £1000 a month can contact queries@theirperfectgift.co.uk for specific queries

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